RSD 2014

We did another RSD comp. The vinyl only comp features rare tracks from The Blind Shake, Henry Blacker, Disasteratti, Hollow Boys, Gay Witch Abortion, DreamSalon, Seawhores, Hex Machine, Pretty Please, Nightosaur and Power Take Off. Get some here.

2014-04-18 14:32:56

PTO is here

"This Is Late" has finally arrived. The long awaited debut LP from Concord NC's Power Take Off is now available in our webstore. The record is available with 2 color options: Black or Coke Bottle Green. All records are on 180 gram vinyl and come with a download card. This record is seriously heavy. SERIOUS

Hey we are now distributed world wide!! Tell your local store they can now get all LCR titles from Cobra Side Distribution They have all our stuff and you should bug your local shop to bring in LCR goodies!!! Thanks!!

Starting Thursday 4-3-2014, we will be offering a 10% off sale on vinyl records. Use the code "buyrecords" when you check out of our web store. problems? contact us!!

2014-04-02 13:11:29

spring has sprung

Hey. News news news news. If you haven't gotten a copy of Disasteratti's second LP Cerebral Hack Artist, than you are about the miss the boat. We have a handful of the LPs remaining. If you are living under a rock, here is the video for the thrashing single "Rolling Blackouts"

We are also selling pre order copies of the new Power Take Off LP "This is Late" here is an easy link for you to follow it to our store to go buy one. This is a very limited pressing and will be going fast.

On Record Store Day once again we will be releasing a Comp. It will feature exclusive tracks from all your favorite bands: The Blind Shake, Henry Blacker, Dreamsalon, Gay Witch Abortion, Hex Machine, Disasteratti, Hollow Boys, In Defence, Nightosaur, Pretty Please, Seawhores andPowerTakeOff. Stay Tuned for details. Also coming in May/June new Lps from Animal Lover and Texas heroes The Grass Hopper Lies Heavy. BOOM

2014-03-21 19:34:13